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The thyroid is my favorite endocrine gland because, like the gas pedal in your car, it gives you that “get up and go”!  An underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, can cause your metabolism to slow down, leading to weight gain, fatigue, depression, brain fog, lack of motivation, constipation, an imbalance in other hormones, and a host of other symptoms.  See my thyroid symptom checklist for thyroid problems, thyroid disease and other thyroid problems.

The Thyroid Epidemic

In my clinical practice I see thyroid issues, mainly hypothyroidism, in approximately 80% of women over the age of 35.  I believe there are many reasons for this.  The birth control pill can suppress the liver and cause endocrine problems, which last for years after starting it.  Thyroid and ovaries often are strongly connected, thus thyroid disorders often correlate with estrogen and progesterone imbalances. The thyroid is particularly sensitive to radiation, so the environmental EMFs (electro-magnetic fields), cell phones and cell phone towers all contribute to this.   Inherited factors can also play a role. 

Blood Tests are Often Inaccurate

Typically blood lab tests check TSH, a pituitary hormone that governs the thyroid.  To get a full picture of the thyroid, doctors should also look at thyroid hormones: free T4, free T3, and TPO antibodies, which can indicate Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune condition.  Many patients report to me their thyroid lab tests were in normal range, yet symptoms and my sensitive form of applied kinesiology (AK) often show otherwise.  Note that while I have successfully treated over active thyroid (hyperthyroid or Graves disease), this is a serious condition which may involve western medical care. 

How can Annie help Thyroid conditions?

I can check your thyroid based on symptoms and AK.  I have many tools and supplements to help balance your thyroid, often increasing energy within a few days, and helping to regulate your entire endocrine system.  My tools include several co-factors to support the thyroid: amino acids, homeopathic remedies, glandular extracts, and minerals.  Call for a free mini-consultation: 707-494-8606.



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