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Girls and women in their teens through 40’s generally menstruate regularly.  However, most women I have seen have signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance.  Symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) include irritability or anger, emotional sensitivity, breast tenderness, fatigue, acne/skin problems, cravings, headaches, nausea and more.  Menstrual irregularities include cramping, pain, or heavy/excessive bleeding.  Amenorrhea or lack of menstruation is also a problem. 

Did you know that any symptom of discomfort indicates a hormonal imbalance?  Many young women tell me cramping is normal, however I believe cramping is a symptom of imbalance in ovarian hormones such as estrogen/progesterone, or a sign of an inefficient liver that can’t deconjugate hormones properly.  While the birth control pill can mask symptoms, this band-aid approach will cause imbalances months or years down the road. 

How does Annie help PMS and Menstrual Problems?

At my Happy Hormone Clinic (!), I can determine imbalances and give you holistic supplements to rebalance your hormones.  Supplements are only taken for a short period of time, to augment the natural law of cure. The body can heal itself; I just assist in the process. 

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Amino acids can
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